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The story behind Casting Cred, about founder David Bain & get in touch

About Casting Cred & About David Bain

I’ve been involved in digital marketing and podcasting for a long time. In fact, longer than I care to remember!

I started my first online business early in the year 2000 with a couple of friends. Some things we did very well, other things we didn’t. Long story short, the business didn’t work out in the end.

David Bain

David Bain in 2016

However it did get me passionate about building an online business and about achieving success online in general.

So I set out on my own to discover how to build a website, drive traffic to it and make money online. And by 2004 I was making over $100 per day in online revenue.

All I was doing was publishing content to my own websites, using SEO to drive traffic, and making money through various advertising networks like Google AdSense.

That may have satisfied many people, but not me. I was doing a part-time MBA at the time and was really passionate about business. I still am. To me, publishing content online and making money from adverts just wasn’t fulfilling. It wasn’t the kind of business I wanted to build, no matter how much money I could make.

So instead of making as much money as possible, I focused instead on what I loved to do – and that was, and still is, helping businesses that I considered to be interesting to become more successful online by providing them with training, consultancy and online marketing management services.

The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing

One of the first public seminars I gave back in April 2007 I called the “13 Pillars of Internet Marketing”. I’ve embedded that whole original seminar for posterity below!

Moving into podcasting

I’ve also been involved in podcasting for a long time too. The first podcast ever is thought to have been a show called “The Daily Source Code” which launched in August 2004.

Apple started supporting podcasts in June 2005 and I published my first podcast some time in 2006.

However, although I enjoyed podcasting, I don’t think that back then I viewed it as a great content marketing opportunity. I don’t think that any of us did who were podcasting at the time.

So although I enjoyed recording the occasional podcast – and listening to podcasts – in order to be successful online at that time, the general consensus was that you had to knit together several different digital marketing funnels.

The 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan

That’s why I developed a training programme called the “26-Week Digital Marketing Plan”. It helped businesses and marketers within businesses to structure all their different digital marketing activities into a logical, step-by-step process.

At that point it was still possible for an individual to manage most of their online activities. There were fewer things to do, social media was only in its infancy and it was a lot easier to drive a lot a lot of free traffic from Google.

I called the framework around my 26-Week Plan the “4-Phases of Digital Marketing”, on which you can view me giving a presentation on in the video below, filmed in late 2012.

At the time I’d started to seriously experiment with “newer media” forms of producing digital content. It was becoming apparent that single online marketing channels such as YouTube were now capable of building businesses by themselves. (You may have noticed that my “4-Phases of Digital Marketing” video currently has over 116,000 YouTube views.)

I began accepting that I’d no longer be able to master every digital marketing strategy in the future. I’d have to focus on what I was best at, and what I enjoyed doing.

Podcasting - the renaissance

And it turned out that at that time, podcasting was enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Because of the rapidly rising popularity of smartphones, it was now much easier for listeners to access their favourite podcast.

Plus, by this time, the production quality of podcasts had improved drastically. Back in 2006 we were recording on single tracks using low-quality headsets, relying on flaky VOIP connections.

Fast forward to 2013 and podcasters had started using radio-quality microphones and were editing each track separately in professional audio-editing software. And by this time Skype was ubiquitous and had ironed-out the majority of their call-quality issues. The time was right for podcasting.

So in July 2013 I registered the domain name DigitalMarketingRadio.com, vowing to start and commit to the weekly publishing of a high-quality podcasting, interviewing leaders in the field of digital marketing.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Since then I’ve published more than 150 episodes of Digital Marketing Radio, each episode interviewing a niche expert on a different digital marketing topic.

Turning a podcast into a live online event

However I didn’t just want to ‘do’ an audio podcast. After a while I started to record episodes on video as well, and in December 2015 I invited a lot of my previous guests back to appear on my “Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016” episode. (You can view the whole show embedded below.)

I was over the moon with the result. I had over 50 guests, hundreds of live viewers and thousands of repeat audio listens and video views for the single episode.

But it’s important to point out that I wouldn’t have had the technical ability – or the contacts – to be able to have hosted such an online event without having recorded over 100 podcast episodes first.

Not only did I build a significant audience as a result of consistently publishing my podcast, I build incredible industry contacts who were willing to collaborate with me on future projects – and also tell their own audiences about these projects too.

My podcast and my live online events had rapidly increased my own industry authority.

I’d found my digital marketing niche. My future business would be to help entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, trainers and marketers to become the go-to authority in their niche; harnessing the power of podcasting and live online broadcasting.

The birth of Casting Cred

And that’s exactly why in 2016 I started Casting Cred.

Casting Cred had to start with a podcast, because that’s where all my recent success started. So check out series 1 of the Casting Cred podcast; where I interview niche podcasters on how they’ve managed to build different success stories on the back of a podcast.

But I’d like to share my successful process with you too, hence the 5 Phases of Casting” webinar.

That’s just the start. There will be a lot more to come. And I really hope that you’ll join me for the ride!

Until we meet again, be fantabulous. And do one thing that scares you. :)