Bryan Caporicci from “Sprouting Photographer” | S1-E3

Bryan Caporicci

Bryan Caporicci is co-host of the Sprouting Photographer podcast, helping photographers become more successful while doing more of what they love.

In this episode we discuss…

  • The Sprouting Photographer podcast was named in iTunes’ Best of 2014 – how did that come about – is that something that any podcast can aim for?
  • Were you to able to measure the impact of being included in such a prestigious list?
  • Do you find that when you do more shows per week that your listeners tend to pick and choose between the shows that they listen to?
  • Your podcast episodes are a mix between co-host discussions and interviews. Is it mainly co-host discussion style podcasts that you publish?
  • What tend to be the more popular types of episodes?
  • What are the types of episode that take the longest to prepare for?
  • You seem to have a different person introducing your podcast each episode, how did that come about? What are the benefits of doing that?
  • How do you decide on how “niche” your podcast could be?
  • In terms of your business, you provide online Studio Management software for photographers – is the intention of the podcast to ultimately increase software sales?
  • What’s the most effective call-to-action for a podcast?
  • It might seem strange to some that you’ve selected an audio podcast as your main content marketing method for a business that’s targeting photographers – how do you explain that one?
  • What’s your audio setup?
  • How can busy entrepreneurs, leaders and other experts justify spending time on recording a podcast?
  • Is podcasting right for everyone?
  • What would you advise your younger self to avoid when starting a podcast?

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