Kirk Du Plessis from “Option Alpha” | S1-E6

Kirk Du Plessis

Kirk Du Plessis (@optionalpha) hosts the podcast “Option Alpha”, where he helps investors consistently make smarter, more profitable trades.

In this episode we discuss…

  • Why did you decide to start a podcast instead of some other form of content marketing?
  • Why did you think a podcast would be an effective content marketing method for the trading sector?
  • What’s the business reason for producing the show, are you driving people towards your own email list and your own services?
  • How did you structure your website?
  • Should a business owner also be actively involved in the design of their own website?
  • You offer a lot of free courses on your website – what’s your business model?
  • You have a very nicely produced professional intro, where did you get that done?
  • You stared off your latest show saying that you haven’t released a podcast for a while – how often do you publish podcasts?
  • Is a good idea to be predictable and consistent when it comes to publishing new podcast episodes?
  • You seem to mix up your episodes between just you, interviewing other people and even broadcasting from events like FinCon – how do you find doing that?
  • What styles of shows tend to be more popular?
  • How much show prep do you do beforehand?
  • Do you survey your audience to try to get podcast topic ideas?
  • What is the most effective method that you are finding for driving traffic to your podcast?

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