Mike Russell from “New Media Europe” | S1-E12

Mike Russell

Mike Russell hosts the “New Media Europe show”, a podcast dedicated to interviewing speakers and prominent attendees at his annual event.

In this episode we discuss…

  • Why did you decide to start a podcast to support a physical event?
  • Should podcasters try to inject a bit of fun into their podcast right from the beginning?
  • What objective did you want to achieve from publishing the podcast?
  • How did you measure the ROI of improved relationships that happen as a result of the podcast?
  • Were you able to attribute event registrations directly to the podcast?
  • Where did the majority of your traffic to the podcast come from?
  • The player on your site also includes a link to Stitcher – do you get much traffic through that?
  • And you also have a link to Clammer – that’s a widget that can be used to share bitesized chunks of an episode via social media. Do you regularly share your episode using Clammer or do any of your audience do this?
  • What do you find is the most effective social network to promote a podcast?
  • You have an active community on Facebook – how can Facebook help podcsters?
  • Have you every tried to ‘game’ the iTunes algorithm by driving traffic to a single episode as soon as it’s released?
  • You have a strong radio background – did you have any preconceptions about podcasting before you started?
  • Is paid advertising the main source of traffic to your podcast?
  • What is your strategy for producing show-notes for your episodes?
  • We compare each other’s audio setups

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