“I've got to know David over the years at both in person events and online via his multiple awesome podcasts such as Casting Cred and Digital Marketing Radio. Not only does David create podcasts with valuable information worth listening to and acting upon but he is hot on the pulse of the latest trends in the digital marketing and podcasting world. My rule of thumb - if David's doing it in digital you should be doing it too!”

Mike Russell, Co-Founder, New Media Europe

“In my experience, David's credibility comes from his devotion to the craft of podcasting and his deep experience both technically and as a respected and recognised host in the field. An inspiration and someone who really knows his stuff.”

Rob Lawrence, Founder, RobLawrence.co

“I've been lucky enough to appear on David's show a few times, and on each occasion he brings a fresh approach to the table, which in my opinion makes him a true expert in the arena of hosting and interviewing. With a great ear for story, and always keen to allow the flow to continue, I'm excited each time I get an email from him, because I just know the project he's working on will be something I love. All in all... David is one of my go-to people when it comes to podcasts, digital marketing, and the art of conversation.”

Matthew Turner, Founder, Turndog.co

“I've worked with David on a wide range of projects over the last 2 years. David has wonderful organization skills when it comes to online events; I've been involved several times in David's podcasts and each time it was a pure pleasure to be a guest speaker. So, without hesitation I highly recommend David!”

Alexandra Tachalova, Founder, AlexTachalova.com

“I first got to know David through his weekly live shows and since then, have been impressed with his deep understanding of the podcasting space, his technical knowledge and perhaps more than anything, his eagerness to help others. I'm proud to call him a friend, but even prouder to call him a mentor.”

Mark Asquith, Founder, Excellence-Expected.com

“Whenever you start a new venture it makes sense to learn from those who are already doing it successfully. So if you're just getting into producing or presenting audio or video shows, then check out the advice of David first. He'll save you time and money with a wealth of resources to hit the ground running.”

Peter Stewart, Author & Broadcaster, PeteStewart.co.uk

“David is an excellent presenter and trainer. His has a fantastic knowledge of and interest in all things digital. His work comes highly recommended. If you’re podcasting or creating online video, you’re sure to benefit from David’s expert guidance.”

Justin Deaville, Managing Director, Receptional.com

“I've been interviewed by a lot of podcasters. Some of them had insightful questions. Some were just fun to talk with. A few teased from me insights I might not have shared anywhere else. Only David Bain was all three of those.”

Mark Traphagen, Senior Director of Marketing, StoneTemple.com

“David’s Digital Marketing Radio podcast is one of the best on the internet, and I have no doubt that Casting Cred will be a huge success too! David produces short, sharp and incisive training that entrepreneurs, leaders and other experts need to pay attention to!”

Keith Keller, Global Twitter Specialist – Melbourne, Australia

“David brings together fab, amazing, professional, reliable, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, fun-to-work-with and extremely well organised into one single package! I have known David for several years now and if you’re looking for someone to help you with your podcasting and live online broadcasting strategy, look no further!”

Jonny Ross, Founder, JonnyRoss.com

“David is a consummate host. He gets it.  Not only is he a brilliant strategic mind around digital marketing and business strategy as a whole, but he’s also a really positive and engaging personality on his online radio show and podcasts. I’m a fan!”

Ryan Buchanan, CEO, eROI.com

“David has really made his mark in the digital marketing space by consistently showing up and delivering first class content. I'm an avid listener of his podcast, and was thrilled to be a guest on the show not once but twice. David knows what he's talking about because he's out there doing it on a day-to-day basis.”

Trevor Young, Founder, PRWarrior.com

“I was really impressed by David's attention to detail and professionalism as I prepared to by a guest on his show. The process of scheduling of a date and time was slick and he gave amazing support to help obtain a professional video and sound set up. David's a superb host and I was made to feel at ease.”

Ian Anderson Gray, Founder, IAG.me

Casting for over 10 years
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David launched his first online business in the year 2000, started making a full-time online income in 2004 and published his first podcast in 2006. Find out more in his "5 Phases of Casting" webinar.